“Food is Medicine”

WE ARE IN A NUTRITION CRISIS!  Billions of dollars have been spent on making food a convenience and processed so the consumer can pull it off the shelf and have the meal ready in a second.  That worked until the processed foods caught up with people’s health.  

    Evidence has been proving that our society is riddled by physical and mental problems that we have been giving pills and performing surgeries that modern medicine has condoned. FOOD CAN HEAL!

    Nutrition is an INTRIGAL piece in our health and well-being!  Studies upon studies have shown that cutting gluten in a diet helps people with autoimmune diseases.  Cutting out dairy and gluten has pulled children diagnosed with ADHD off of modern medicines.  Anti-inflammatory diets create a life that those with autoimmune diseases can enjoy!  Can you believe treating a disease with nutrition is ILLEGAL in this country!!  Let’s get to the heart of PREVENTING disease, not just putting a bandage on it!



  Jodie has been in the food service business for over twenty years.  By having her master’s in education, professional chef credentials as well as her certification in holistic nutrition and healing she can tailor a plan just for you or your clients such as physical rehabilitation programs, substance abuse programs, and preventative programs for children, and those just too busy to eat healthy!

    She has proven results with weight loss clients, rheumatoid arthritis, celiac patients, allergen free patients and kidney function patients!

Call and get a one on one consultation as to what would work best for you and your family!

A few years back I was suffering from shoulder problems.  When I got my MRI results the doctors where amazed and confused on how I was even moving my arm!  It was if they were seeing a miracle in front of their eyes.  They were even bringing in some of their staff to have me show how well my shoulder moved.  HA!  The question was HOW?!?  I had alkalized my body and was eating an anti-inflammation diet.  My shoulder was so bad that they said my arm should not be moving!


Working with people in recovery from drug abuse or alcoholism has always amazed me.  One of my clients couldn’t get out of bed after 7 years of sobriety.  His RA was so bad he couldn’t function.  By putting him on a specific diet within a week his humor was coming back and within two weeks he was out of bed! Unfortunately, alcohol is the only drug that hits every body part.  I’m now treating individuals with heart problems after getting sober.


I was working with a doctor who was having arthritis and had taken traditional medicine and one of the side effects is she blew out her kidney function by 50%.  Her jaw barely could be used without being in tremendous pain and she was severely frightened to eat because of the possible salt content.  I put her on a specific diet and when preparing food would cut it small and made sure the seasonings were all no-salt.  Well…she wants to go back to work now!


Being holistic I always connect the mind, body and spirit!  The healthiest societies in the world that live 100+ years active not only have nutrition in common.  They have a faith-based community as well as a sense of connection and belonging.